Christmas Game – Writing piece

Stars twinkling down on me from above. Snow assembling near my feet. Glancing around at my mates, many of them huddling to stay warm, others staring into thin air, I shiver. The cold night air wraps it’s grasp around me, pulling me into a chilling hug, not comforting. Once again, I shiver and close my eyes.

Before I fall into the pit of sleepiness, I hear a sweet melody. Singing. Not just any though, christmas carols. As if a force is pulling me further and further, I instantly cave in to the resistance to sing. Harmony fills the air as we sing Silent Night, two languages combining to one. Equal. Before we know it, the night is over.

Shouts and Yells are what wake me from my slumber. Christmas morning. I take in the frosty air, and get up, bones aching, to see the commotion. Sounds of caution and shouting can be heard, a mixture in between. Undecided. I peer over the trench, a thick layer of snow making the view hard to make out. What I see suprises me. Two soldiers stand making their way to each other, hands up as if in surrender. I dart my head in the direction of the officers, a disapproving expression plastered on their faces. Suddenly the shouts stop abruptly, turning into cheers. Full of confusion, I look back over the trenches edge, and find myself looking at all the soldiers, German and English, pouring out among the wide expanse. What I see next shocks me to the stomach. Soldiers are laughing, exchanging gifts, showing photos, just having a great time. Christmas. True Christmas spirit. Suddenly I come back to reality, and feel my body moving, pulling me over the edge of the trench to great the others. “Merry Christmas”! yells a soldier to me, and I return the favour. Before I can adjust to the excitement a game of soccer begins, and pulled right into the madness.

Many goals and more disapproving and unsure looks later, a noise I know too well sounds off, plummeting me back to reality. Breaking into action everyone rushes back to their sides trenches, and then the sorrowness hits me. Hard. Why are we fighting like this when we get along so well. I just can’t process this thought, let alone find an answer to it. The joyful moment we shared with the Germans may have only lasted a while, but the memory will last forever. I slouch down back into my usual spot, and pull out a note of paper and write: “Dear Margaret, you will never guess what happened today…” was all I could finish before sleep pulled me right into its jaws, like I was it’s prey.


Big Yellow Taxi Rubric


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Here are my thoughts on how we worked as a group:


Contribution to group- We gave ourselves a 3.5 because we felt we were in between, not perfect, but we did multiple components of the perfect area. We all worked towards the goal together, and had select jobs to get it done quicker, so everyone had a special touch to a bit of it.

Consideration of others- We gave ourselves a 4 here, because we believe we worked well as a group. Everyone contributed and were considerate of others’ ideas. We valued everyones ideas, opinion and skills, along with learning pace.

Contribution of knowledge- We gave our group another 3.5 for this, because everyone cooperated, and contributed. But sometimes we just needed to remind one or two people about what they are doing, but only slightly.

Working and sharing with others- We did this section based on all of us, not just ourselves. What we gave ourselves was a 3, because we rarely needed reminding to be on task by our group peers, but like I said before, we sometimes worked in pairs to get it done quicker, because others were better at one thing than others were.

Our total score for this was 14, I think we worked great together.


Getting set- We gave ourselves a 3/3 for this because we just slid right into work right away, it was surprising. We worked efficiently.

Being considerate- We gave our group a 2.5 for this section because we didn’t need reminders from teachers, only ourselves. Also, we did have some bumps of disagreement, but, we always got over it quickly figuring out the best solution.

Doing assignment- We gave ourselves a 2.5 for this again because we stayed focus more than most the time. We also again only needed reminders from group peers not teachers, and accomplished our goals by working well together.

Quality of work- We again gave ourselves a 3 for this, because we were all very happy with our outcome. Some of us did extra work, like me, because I made the little stop motion thing for the DDT part at home, because we didn’t have the apps at school.

Individual role- We did this together because we thought that we all did our fair share of work, worked well together and helped our peers to be successful.

Our overall score was 14, again. So altogether we got a score of 28, which is great! :))



Dumpster Diving – Freeganism


Many people across the globe go dumpster diving, but why? A lot of the divers do it to save money, and to save fresh produce, or anything else! Dumpster diving is just not to dive for food, you can also find good working house appliances, or toys. Saving money is a big factor in this, because a lot of the food in the dumpsters is GOOD FOOD! A bruise at the most! Amazingly, most of that good food is only in the bin because supermarkets didn’t have enough space on their shelves.Most of it is bagged, Fresh food!

Though, there is a slight problem. Dumpster diving is considered illegal, so if you get caught there are some problems. You would have to be prepared to take risks, getting in trouble and health wise. Many Divers always stress to clean your food after you find it from diving, especially unpackaged food. But, you are also saving perfectly good food. Some risks could include food poisoning especially from meat and seafood, getting caught by police, illness ect.

Thankfully, some of the people that go diving use the food to feed the homeless, because perfectly good food is thrown away, where is could be used to help people in need.

I personally would probably not go dumpster diving, but I believe it is good to be saving fresh produce, and helping homeless people have a meal at least. Doing it for the right reason is good, because it helps everybody in a way, saving money that could be used on different things, and feeding people in need instead of that food going to landfill.




Weeroona College Bendigo Maker Faire Thank-you


To Weeroona College Bendigo, The Stem Class and all the teachers that helped at the Maker Faire,


I would like to thank-you for putting on such a fantastic day, the Maker Faire. I enjoyed it very much, and think you should do it again. Some of the great things the Stem Class put on were helping us 3D print, because most people had never done it before. I also enjoyed making different things to control the makey makey with, such as the tin pans and fuzzy pipe cleaners.


I loved having the older kids help us, because it was like when we were the little kids again, instead of the big grade 6’s and 5’s. The Stem Class and other kids knew exactly what they were doing, and were very helpful. They answered our questions when we had one, and were always happy to help with something.


Overall the day was great, and I would love to see it happen again, because I know other kids would definitely enjoy going and doing all the fun stuff in the Maker Faire. The organisation was excellent for the first time, and I believe everything panned out well, and no one became bored or had nothing to do because there was plenty to do.
From Bree V